The Night of Arts & Music

WHEN: Sat, 19 September 2009, 06:00pm - 11:55pm

WHERE: St James Centre, 12 Batman Street, West Melbourne 3003, AUSTRALIA (latitude 37° 48’ 37.01” S; longitude 144° 57’ 8.49" E )

Over 100 beautiful supporters of Ondru gathered at the St James Centre on 19 September 2009 to be mesmerised by continuous display of creative talent, delectable food and stunning performances. The night of diversity started with:

      >>Photography by Shane Lam

      >>An exhibition by emerging artists Samantha McKay, Ben Howe, Devika Bilimoria, Jak Rapmund & Javier Cuellar

We were then introduced to delicious Sri Lankan gourmet cuisine that tangoed with our tongues. Yogaluxmy Balasubramaniam flew in all the way from New Zealand to prepare the tantalising dishes (thanks mum!).

This was followed by a line-up of magical live music and a short play that left us hypnotised until the nights end:

      >>Daisuke Sadaoka (bewitching Japanese street drummer in absolute trance)

      >>Kyle Taylor (Geelong's rising star – singer/songwriter & pianist; raw edge and an evocative voice)

      >>Erica Ordinary (stunning vocals, lyrical ingenious  & acoustic guitar)

      >>Greg Walsh (eclectic jazz influences, incredible voice and talented pianist)   

      >>Cariad Productions (short play by colourful pair Rebecca Jo Hanbury & Nick Bacash)

      >>Anna Kaye (an emerging voice of aotearoa New Zealand)

      >>BossBucho (pulsating four-piece alternative, folk/blues band with electrifying James Collins at the helm)

      >>Julian LaBrooy (super soundman & DJ providing funky-tunes throughout the night)

Sincere thanks to our sponsor St Arnou for the boutique beers that let us loose ourselves in depth of the night and thanks to Kazari who supported us by providing antique benches and old kimonos for display. Once again thanks to all you good people for making it a memorable night.

See more photos from the event at ; photography by Shane Lam