Moments through glass (Melbourne Fringe)

WHEN: Thu, 11 October 2012, 07:30pm - Sun, 14 October 2012, 05:30pm

WHERE: AKA Studio, 130 Nicholson Street, Brunswick East, VIC 3057, Melbourne (latitude 37° 76’ 71.02" S; longitude 144° 98’ 05.68" E )

As part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival 2012, Ondru presents Moments through glass - an experimental physical theatre / dance performance.

Composed of fleeting exchanges and a yearning for deeper human connection, Moments through glass examines the fragile and ephemeral nature of human relationships within our present society. Using elements of dance, physical theatre and music, the performance explores our dependence on the emotional attachments that mark our lives. It expresses our compulsion to break the ‘glass wall’ that separates us, and the challenge we face of living with the perpetual separation.

By drawing upon the physical and figurative qualities attributed to the four classical elements: earth, fire wind, water, Moments through glass conveys the dynamics of human interaction and reinforces our inherent connection to nature. It is performed by an international group of collaborative artists and inspired by the words of Samuel Beckett, the unique style of Pina Bausch and contemporary works of dance ensembles such as DV8 and Hofesh Shechter Company.                             

Written & directed by: Dana Kronental

Assistant Director: Beatriz Afonso

Workshop Facilitator: Laura de Arcos

Performance: Kathleen Gonzalez, Antoinette Vicentello & Georgio Parmentier 

Costume: Lyn Ko & Caroline Evrard

Production Director: desh Balasubramaniam / Project Advisor: Jesus Requena / Project Manager: Rebecca Gumienny 

Production Crew: Kunal Khanna, Angelo Pietroban, Joan Cortez-Baird, Shangar Sivalingam, Manju Balasubramaniam, Minna Loft, Madeline Ellerm & Christa Winkels 

Moments through glass

Photography by Jesus Requena

Details of Performance

When: 3 Shows at the Melbourne Fringe Festival 2012

Thursday, 11 October 2012 / Performance starts at 7.30pm (40mins) - sold out

Saturday, 13 October 2012 / Performance starts at 7.30pm (40mins) - sold out

Sunday, 14 October 2012 / Performance starts at 5.30pm (40mins) - sold out

Where: AKA Studio, 130 Nicholson Street, Brunswick East, VIC 3057, Melbourne   

How to get there: Tram 96 (stop 27); Melways 30 B7

Cost: $15 

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Phone: +61 415 380 249 / Email: / Website:

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Film by Rebecca Gumienny

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Facebook Event Invitation

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Moments through glass (Melbourne Fringe)

Graphic Design by Laila Aznar / Photography by Kunal Khanna



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